Questions? Answers!

Who cares about politicians anyway? They’re all the same!
Well yes they are, and they will stay the same as long as we sit back and just grumble about it. The big three are all fake – they are identical, corrupt, greedy and arrogant.
Whatever your views, politics affects your life each and every day. Politics affects what you buy, what you wear, what music you listen to, what work is available to you, how much you have in your bank and who your friends are.

You are conservative, but you don’t vote for the Conservative Party?
This blogger is a conservative who has recognised the Conservative Party are now a total fraud, identical to Labour in every respect. The most important theme in this blog is that conservatives should never vote Conservative if they want a conservative rule. Give me a chance, and I will explain it in detail.

The Conservative Party is dead? But they’ll win the next election!

No they won’t. A bunch of rich, centrist, greedy businessmen fraudulently calling themselves The Conservatives will probably win the next election. They will continue to dismantle this country in exactly the same way Labour have done. The best thing that could happen is that they don’t win the next election. Read my blog to see why.

But what is the point in supporting a small party?
Labour were a small party once. Again, give me the chance and I’ll make my case throughout this blog.


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