Join the struggle!

It’s easy to sit back, grumble and do nothing. It’s even easier to make excuses for why we do nothing. “Politicians are all the same”
; ‘”What difference can we make?“; “They’ll always be like this” and so on.

We hear lines like these every day. People like to say them because it excuses them for being lazy and not having the drive to actually stand up and try and make a change.

And the politicians love it too, because it gives them a green light to carry on exactly as they are.

Wake up out of your coma. Stop making excuses. Don’t be another layabout whiner, be an active whiner!

Join Popular Alliance. For the price of a couple of pints, you can be a member of a growing party that welcomes anyone who agrees with its aims. A party that has painstakingly researched policies that work nd a group of members who actually work together as a team, rather than a bunch of petty, squabbling factions.

Go on, you know it makes sense!


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