The right’s road to destruction

I have a confession to make: I once voted Labour. In my defence I was young, I didn’t really understand politics and I was taken in by Mr Blair’s spin. In the years to come, I slowly realised that Labour was not part of the solution, they were making the problem worse. That was stage one of my awakening.

Step two was the Conservative Party. I guess I should be grateful to Mr Cameron, since his plastic, smug and utterly hypocritical attitude helped me to realise that, yes, the Conservative Party were also part of the problem. Soon after I also realised that no, they were not as bad as Labour: they were worse. Labour are a left wing party implementing left wing policies whilst drifting towards the centre. The Tory party presents itself as conservative and traditional, whilst being the total opposite. They are engaging in deliberate, malicious and active fraud, all to feed their own greed and lust for power.

I thought that would be my final epiphany, and my awakening was complete. I drifted around UKIP, the English Democrats and other parties in the belief that anyone supporting those type of parties was a least on the right side. In a way, I still believe that to be true but there is one more problem we need to come to terms with: we seem fixated on self-destruction.

This problem came to a head with the internal splits in UKIP. The shock-waves of this continue to be felt and I’m sure the resignation of Nigel Farage and the subsequent resignation of the treasurer is related. Farage was not a bad leader, his speeches in the EUP were impressive and he presented a good face to the UKIP party. On a European level, the party continued to grow but on a local level, there has been little or no progress.

Behind the scenes though, it was a badly kept secret that UKIP was plagued with squabbles, pettiness and factionalism. It’s not just them either. Other parties formed and fell apart almost instantly. Many of them fight with similar parties whose members seem desperate to be the ‘only’ party with certain policies or popular support. A quick survey of any right wing internet forum should demonstrate this. Often it’s just a few people creating tension and resentment for everyone else but the damage is there for all to see. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to argue and debate when it’s done in the right way, but what we seem to be seeing constantly on the right is not debate, but pathetic, childish vendettas between people who really should know better.

Let’s look at the bigger picture: the last twenty years have seen Britain flooded by immigrants it cannot support, the destruction of grammar schools, surrender of our sovereignty to the EU, our police transformed into social workers, increases in violent crime, record amounts of divorce and widespread drug abuse. So what are we doing to deal with it? Apparently, a minority of us seem to think it’s far more important to squabble over a power vacuum that exists only in their own tiny world. It’s sad, it’s selfish and it’s small minded.

I joined Popular Alliance because they had the policies that matched my own ideology remarkably closely. But I will stand by and support UKIP, the English Democrats, Free England, UK First, Veritas and even the UK Libertarian Party when they stand against the three main parties responsible for destroying the UK.

The reality is that we simply don’t have the strength in numbers or resources to do this alone. I’m proud of Popular Alliance for offering to work alongside any other party with similar values and I wish other parities would follow suit. As the old saying goes “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”, andwe have too much to lose to waste time squabbling with each other over personal issues.

Right now, I fear that in thirty years time, the United States of Europe will be busy erasing British history from the curriculum of state schools where ALL children are sent to be programmed, criticising other religions or cultures will be a criminal offence, windmills will cover every inch of countryside, high rise towers will be the only permissible form of new housing due to space constraints and all laws will be passed by the marketing manager of the USE.

Meanwhile, on some secret samizdat internet forum, we’ll still be posting insulting messages to each other fighting about which party gave the worst convention speech ten years ago.


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