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It’s important to understand the concepts in this blog, to avoid needless repetition and to save some readers from shock. To understand some of the key ideas I express and why they are so incredibly important, we first need to crush some of the nonsense that other political bloggers subscribe to, consciously or not.

1) The Conservative Party is no longer conservative.

Fact: The majority of Conservative Party members are interested in nothing more than gaining power.

This is surely a given. If anyone truly believes the Tories represent any form of tradition, social conservation, reactionism or any other form if reversal from the massive and horrific damage done to our society by Labour than they re uninformed or mistaken.

This should be clear from a look at the Conservatives track record should be damning enough. No resistance to the abolition of grammar schools, no open, honest opposition to immigration and most obvious of all, no organised opposition to the EU! Don’t be fooled by talk of ‘euro-sceptics’. The Conservatives will never have the collective courage to pull us out of the EU. Never!

Many members of the Tories at all levels are aware of this deep own, this is why they stick to empty rhetoric like ‘change’ and personal attacks on Brown and Labour members. It avoids debate of the real issues.

Yes there are some groups such as the Cornerstone Group and the likes of Daniel Hannan who are fighting the tide, in reality they would be better off with Popular Alliance.

2) There is little, if any difference between the ‘big three’ parties anymore.

Just because they play a few games during Prime minister’s Questions does not mean there is any real ideology beyond a lust for power anymore. I can only wonder how much time and effort cold be saved by supporters of the big three if they realised the illusion they play along with when they debate political issues.

All three support unconditional surrender to the EU. All three support the abolition of grammar schools and meritocratic education. All three play along with politically correct approaches to immigration (opposition in any form or however articulated is ‘racist’) education (they all support comprehensives and the universal dumbing own of examinations) , multiculturalism (all of them are terrified to speak out against it to the slightest degree) and so on. You name a major manifesto issue, you will be hard pressed to find a difference in the big three.

The only issues that provoke any real split are issues more to do with personal values and morality than ideology, such as the Iraq War.

And do I really need to point out just how evenly spread across the ‘big three’ the expenses scandal was?

Peter Hitchens is right when he says our political compass is broken I’ll be happy to debate this point with anyone.

3) The best thing any true conservative can do for the UK is to NOT vote Conservative.

My strong belief: The country has suffered great social damage and needs a genuinely conservative party to restore it. This must be done via the collapse of the Conservative Party.

It is not only Labour to blame. The Tories helped bring about our surrender of sovereignty when the began begging the French to let us in the EU. Whilst Thatcher was a great PM in many ways, she willingly helped along with the dismantlement of our education system. John Major did nothing to oppose immigration or the radicalisation of our justice system that values reform over punishment and has our police acting more like social workers.

But Labour have perhaps struck the hardest blow. More cameras than ever are watching British people,our liberties are being chipped away every day ( detention rules, curbs on free speech, etc.) let crime has not decreased in tandem. Gordon Brown presided over the biggest financial collapse in the UK since the Great Slump.Politically correct terminology has infiltrated every school and government institution in the nation at the expense of common sense, taxes continue to rise and the promised referendum on EU membership is nowhere to be found. Brown has made clear his intentions to create constitutional ‘reform’, which could involve any number of attacks on systems that have worked so well for us over centuries of development.

Reversal of these nightmares Will take time and will require a party with true conservative values.Yet voters are often driven by habit and many still foolishly or misguidedly vote Tory.

The only solution is for the Conservative Party to lose one more election. Such a shock, such an unprecedented run of defeats by a party so confident and desperate for power would undoubtedly create a fallout. That fallout would likely result in the collapse or major reform and create political space for a real conservative Party like Popular Alliance to step in. This is a supposition I will expand on in my blog.

Suggested reading:

Andrew Marr “A History of Modern Britain”

Peter Hitchens: “The Broken Compass” , “The Abolition of Britain”

Sean Gabb “Culture Revolution, Culture War”

Melanie Phillips “Londonistan”

Jonathon Bowman’s speech on Marxism (available from his website).


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