Buckle up Bercow!

Whilst I like to think I am reasonable in defending my views on most social topics, the defence of tradition is something I find difficult. Not because of my lack of faith in doing so but simply because the abstract nature of it is something I find unusually hard to articulate.

Luckily, when it comes to our ever so uninspiring new speaker and his refusal to wear the wig and his talk of reforming the “language” of parliament, I’m delighted that Daniel Hannan and Peter Hitchens have done it so well for me.


As for Mr Bercow, in his banker’s suit, it is plain already that he is a walking triviality, perched on the cushions of an ancient throne. One day someone will be chosen for this job who realises that the truly courageous, original thing to do is to respect the traditions passed down by our ancestors, and leave them alone. Why does this dreadful generation think itself so much better than all its forebears? It has absolutely no reason to do so.


The hairpiece isn’t simply a mediaeval relic. It’s a reminder to its wearer it that his office is bigger than he is. It was a bad start when Michael Martin arrogantly refused the headgear. “It’s just not me,” he insisted, presuming to take the job on his own terms – an attitude which prefigured his eventual disgrace. Had the old boy slapped on the horsehair, it might have inspired him to try to live up to the role, to be a bigger man.There’s still time to reconsider, John. In wearing the wig, you wouldn’t simply magnify your dignity; you would honour an ancient office. and exalt our system of representative democracy.


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4 Responses to “Buckle up Bercow!”

  1. Bodwyn Wook Says:

    In addition to not having an ‘envy’ gene, which circumstance makes of me an awfully good Libertarian, I have also a ‘can do difference’ gene. So, ‘multiculturalism’ is a dead loss on me, I already do it…and very well indeed, I might add, being a muslim convert.

    That said, it is no good on Earth for me to prostrate myself in front of all these foreign idols unless I pay at least SOME attention to mine own, as well.

    Likewise Mr Bercow, pray, do don the wig, it is no part of a servant’s not to dress, Sir!

  2. Wookean July Fireworks « Bodwyn Wook Says:

    […] https://theantipolitician.wordpress.com/2009/07/05/buckle-up-bercow/#comment-12 […]

  3. 16sd Says:

    I do not care whether he wears the wig or not. Most of the British public care about whether he can change some of the incomprehensible ways of conducting business in Westminster.

    My website: samsondada.com/articles

    • samspade10 Says:

      This is a comment I posted on Samsondada’s blog:

      None of this surprises me. GB has been fixated on allowing the Scots and Welsh to govern themselves so he can focus on the big bucks of the EP. It is only because we allowed devolution to go this far that this happened.
      Likewise, it does not surprise me that the Tories milked this, they are launching an all out assault ready for the next election.

      BTW Thanks for your comment on my blog concerning John Bercow and his refusal to wear the speaker’s wig. I agree it is more important that he changes attitudes around Whitehall but to me the two points are related, his refusal to honor tradition and realise that there have been good people before him and more to come after him shows that he is selfish and egotistical just like the rest. I have no faith in his ability to reform whatsoever.

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