What is all the fuss over the BNP winning two seats out of seventy or so in the Euro elections? Speaking as someone with an Asian wife and mixed race child, I often wonder what drives the true fear of the BNP, particularly when we see actions such as the mob who threw eggs at Nick Griffin and his partner this week.
I think the answer is fairly simple, the BNP represent an ‘exciting’ side of politics. People instinctively ‘know’ the BNP are bad and many use that as an excuse to take a moral high ground against them. Some mobs go one step further, and dedicate themselves to combat against the BNP, sometimes literally. They use the BNP as self-prescribed excuse to unleash their anger and lust for violence against others. Ironically, such behaviour is often what they accuse their enemies of.
I have no love for the BNP, I will gladly debate any of their members about why their policies are often morally wrong, impractical and unfocused. But I share a strong dislike of corrupt, expenses grabbing politicians who preach to the public about who they should vote for, and angry, hypocritical mobs who profess to take a moral high ground against fascism, yet do and know nothing about the IRA, Islamic terrorism or other forms of non-BNP fascism. Take away the vitriol and what do these people have? Little knowledge of the dry (but essential) side of politics and no reason to exist.


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