As I type, the first results from the UK Euro elections are coming through. The council results, already revealed, are highly predictable. Labour have been trounced, and the Tories have made gains. Sadly though, it seems that not all of us have learned our lesson; many voters still seem to sway from Labour, to Tory, and back again. Each time one party proves they are a disaster, we switch back to the other, an endless cycle of corruption, disappointment and farce.

But back to the Euro votes, where there is some silver lining just visible on the horizon. The Labour fallout has not entirely translated into Conservative gains. UKIP appear to be holding their own and our allies the UK First Party have made an impressive showing of some forty three thousand votes already. Don’t sneer at that – it’s remarkably impressive for a small party making its debut in the confusing, bias and slanted elections of Europe. PA did not partake in this round of elections but rest assured, that will change in future.

Perhaps the most important message of all though is not the low voter turnout, but the fact that some people are surprised by it. Reality is that most British – indeed,most Europeans – do not understand how the EU works, do not understand how it affects their lives and, rightly, do not feel that there is a truly democratic process within the EU for them to take part in.

The low turnout for this election should be the biggest shock to all he phony politicians within Whitehall and the EUP.


So many people see to have faulty, illogical reactions to the recent expenses scandal. Why people think that our politicos would suddenly become honest and transparent just because we switch to a proportional representation system or decide to fully elect our upper chamber is a non-sequitur to me.

Switching to PR would simply means the pigs take different positions around the trough, whilst making our leadership even weaker. A case can be made made for electing all or some of our House of Lords but let’s bear n mind that this would simply double the number of career politicians – the same group who got us into this mess – and consider that the Lords have emerged the cleanest from this recent scandal.

Our democratic system has been in place for a long, long, time. IT has served us through good times and bad. In this case, it is not the electoral system that is at fault but the immoral, greedy people within it.


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